Essay on Feasability of Self-Assessment in ESL Classrooms

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 Introduction:

Assessment is one of the crucial components of the education. Traditional exams and tests are mostly based on materials taught in the course to meet predetermined objectives. They cannot assess whether or not learners can apply it. To truly understand some new ideas, students need to apply it. My experience as an English teacher provides some ideas to frame my discussion of assessment. Although many teachers think that the scores of the exams and the tests are objective and cannot be wrong, I think that these scores are uncertain they need to be supplemented by some other assessments. Traditional assessments in their summative and formative forms such as tests, quizzes or exams are often graded and returned back to the …show more content…

A series of self-assessments could lead the learners to monitoring progress towards specific learning objectives.
In learner-centered curricula, learners should be encouraged to be active participants in the assessing process rather than only being the passive test takers. Despite the fact that some teachers may be reluctant to transfer the responsibility of assessment to their learners, but proponents of this trend argue that there is much to be gained from it, and that the students are capable of evaluating themselves if they are given the adequate and necessary guidance. However, self assessment is another method of creating interactive learning atmosphere, where the students focus on applying their knowledge.
Moreover, recent research refers to the self-assessment as an increasingly important factor of teaching English language or any second language. According to Ian Tudor, "assessment is integral to the teaching-learning process, and can be as learner-centered and motivation-based as any other form of learning". Previous research was done to emphasize the positive outcomes and the objectives of the self assessment which can be used to encourage the learners to reflect on their learning and be aware of strengths, weaknesses and further needs. It also inspires them to set goals on the basis of their evaluations. The procedure of checking their learning and progress through the self assessment may help the students to develop their learning

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