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Feasibility Report of Database Booking System Summary This document will discuss the feasibility of developing a new database application system at Time 4 Children’s Centre to better mange the booking and recording of user details. The system will have a database of users and employees, and the system will computerise the booking procedure. Background Time 4 is a small government funded charity that provides multi-agency services that are flexible and meet the needs of young children and their families. The core offer includes integrated early learning, care, family support, and health services. At the heart of a centre will be high quality learning and part day care for children from birth. Currently employee records are…show more content…
Methods of Research The methods of study involved in creating this feasibility study where interviews with centre manager, as well as the operations co-ordinator and executive in charge of the centre Martin Black. In addition research regarding the current working practices was done by observing first hand at the centre. Informal discussions were also held with all members of staff at Time 4. Present System I have broken down the present system into four sections these are the booking system, employee details and rotas, the centre user database, and filing. Employee details are kept on paper using a word processor to produce them. These are then filed in alphabetical order and kept in a filing cabinet. Rotas are produced using a scheduler produced on paper and the centre co-ordinator writes the working rota by hand on a weekly basis. Image 1 is the form used to record the rota details of the administration department. Working hours are added accordingly. The same format is used for all staff and departments. Bookings can be made by phone or by attending the centre in person. Bookings are taken after 0915 and anyone who wishes to attend a session must book at least two days in advance. The booking procedure works like as follows: Image 2 shows the booking form for one of the activities form Time 4. All forms are then handed to the administration team who go on to record the information of how many people are using the centre this in turn is

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