Feasibility Study Of The Australian Oil & Gas Industry

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I am a highly accomplished and motivated Petroleum Engineering Graduate with hands-on experience and a keen desire to pursue a long-term career in the Australian oil & gas industry. In conjunction with my tertiary studies, I have acquired over 9 years’ experience working in various fast-paced and deadline-driven environments, including a valuable internship as a Reservoir Engineer with leading Thailand oil & gas exploration and production company, PTTEP. This beneficial experience enabled me to utilise my advanced technical and time management skills to successfully complete an integral feasibility study within the designated timeframe, and in the process enhanced my critical thinking and problem solving abilities. A capable and …show more content…

Following on I was involved in generating a waterflood plan and production profile for each specific prospect, determining water flood plan from the number of injectors based on mobility ratio assumption, sweep efficiency; defining injection pattern & location of injectors from geological structure, reservoir structure, well correlation, oil & water contact, well location & structure of surrounding area; determining drill injector or converted a producer to an injector by reviewing well potential, production data; reservoir permeability, thickness (kh), distance of injector to producer, geological structure and pressure data; and defining injection requirements from void replacement ratio (VRR) calculation based on reservoir data and material balance equation. During the project, I applied and enhanced technical skills and time management skills to perform on the company project and completed the project within the designated timeframe by using an organised approach and prioritising tasks accurately. Company Name St George Motor Boat Club Title Chef De Partie Location New South Wales, Australia Time Period Dec 2016 – Current (On LinkedIn this job will automatically be placed at the top due to the end date being Current) Company Name Coco Cubano Title Qualified Chef Location New South Wales, Australia Time Period Aug 2016 – Dec 2016 Company Name West Illawarra Leagues Club Title Chef De Partie Location New South

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