Feedback to Subordinates

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I selected feedback to subordinates as my topic to write about rather than managing conflict with peers because I believe that a person can gain more from teaching future generation’s rather than trying to manage conflicts that come up with their peers. Our future generations are our replacements and we need to teach them as much as we can so they can be great replacements for us. Taking the time to give effective feedback to a subordinate is a prime way to fulfill that requirement of building a better future and brighter world. Giving feedback is vital because it’s part of the learning process in life. It helps workers know that they are being monitored within the company. More importantly it provides the worker with an opportunity to improve themselves within the company and within life. The development of future generations is an important responsibility of a leader. As I stated throughout this class there is no set sign on what good feedback looks like. It’s important for the sender to take notes and consider the receivers body language and reactions when the feedback is given. Common signs of positive feedback include a smile, a thumbs up, questions that relate to how they can become a better worker, and even a hug. Some signs of negative feedback can include the middle finger, tension in the air, pouting, a bad working relationship and foul language. Giving negative feedback is not always a bad thing depending on the delivery and the mindset of the

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