Female Masculinity

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Female Masculinity Throughout the world, countries and cultures are struggling with the idea of queer. The problem is that the United States and many countries live with the concept of patriarchy. Patriarchy is a social constructed structure to organize people to live in a gender binary society. The gender binary is the constructed gender roles that men and women are expected to do in which it affects the everyday lives of queers and it doesn’t allow them to freely express who they truly are. Historically, white heterosexual males and heterosexual families are the ideal model and are those in higher power.
The book Drag King Dreams, is a story of a group of queer friends in New York and the struggles they encounter for being queer.
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But there were also consequences for passing. According to Feinberg, in the 17th century in England they were placed in stocks and dragged through the streets. Even worse in 1760, transvestites were burned to death. However, many men and women have passed for many years. Feinberg gives an example of Mrs. Nash who married twice to soldiers and after dying it was discovered that she was a man. "This world is full of danger for me, Thor. And when it strikes, it aims between my legs. I 'm barricaded for safety. It 's not a choice. It 's just the way it it" (187) Max says in Drag King Dreams. Which is true because society is so invested genitals to determine if you are man or a woman. Everything we do, everything single we make is gendered so how do queers make their way throught a social world where everything is dangerous for them? Progressive politics need to work together among gender, sexuality, race, class, among other things and raise consciousness that there are many different identities and educate people about their struggles, in order to make
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