Field Learning Experience : Professional Social Worker

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Field Learning Experience My field placement experience has permitted me to develop and evolve as a professional social worker. This was a time that I implemented my social work practice theories with the client system from a micro, mezzo and macro environment. This knowledge enables me to understand how changes in one individual influences changes in the family and community environments. As a social worker, I was able to combine the ecological and social systems theory, focusing on the individual and his or her environment. I was likewise able to explore the interactions between the individual and his micro, mezzo, and macro systems as well as concentrating on the goodness of fit between the person and the environment. Each of these theories created a framework for which I could utilize in the intervention process. Lieberman () asserts that within the ecological perspective, social workers perceive that regardless of origin of the problem; all problems stem from systemic imbalances. The biopsychosocial approach enables assessments to focus on the interchange between the physical, behavioral and social factors. An accurate assessment approach includes the implementation of the Biopsychosocial model. He also asserts how this model increases the effectiveness of the ecological theory furthermore evaluating the interchanges between the physical, behavioral and social factors. The social theories and models are used as guides to help define and explain how a particular

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