Field Trip To A Local Post Field Essay

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Part B: Week four a field trip to a local post office occurs for students to learn about different parts of a post office and how mail comes and goes. From the clerk, to the person who sorts the mail, to the person who delivers the mail to mailboxes, and the postal worker who takes it to a larger sorting facility to be distributed around the globe. The field trip to the post office aligned with the standards because students are able to learn about the spatial organization of people, places and environment on the earth’s surface and explain how physical systems affect human activity and living conditions. Students will learn how mail is collected, sorted, and delivered all around the globe. This aligns with the objective because student …show more content…

Given a community helper booklet, students will be able to fill in information on different community helpers worksheets with 80% accuracy. Materials needed:
 KWL chart from week two
 Community Helpers Booklet
 Markers
 Pencils
 Crayons
 Paper for sentence and drawing
Part D: The lesson plan will connect both standards for social studies and language arts, by having the student answer questions on a worksheet about different community jobs, as well as writing one or two sentences and draw a picture of a community job the student would like to do when they grow up. Previously learned material for social studies would include community learning the student’s learned about from Kindergarten or their parents’ jobs. Previously learned material for language arts would include being able to answer questions orally from detail within a text. Learning how to use the information from a book or text help students with comprehension skills and retention of what they read. Student will then be able to use this knowledge and apply it to individual work on their own worksheets. Differenciated instruction for learning disabled could include having students answer their community helper worksheet out loud to a teacher or teacher aide, as well as having the question read out loud for better understanding. This effectively meets the

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