Fighting a War Against Aging of Your Face Essay

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This is true. I had a friend in Jamaica, somewhere far away. Her age was 44, but everybody thought her 25. Many sought after the secret of her ageless beauty, but few knew the truth. Discipline. That’s what it was, cold, hard soldier discipline. A long , tedious, even challenging skin care routine, performed every single night before she went to bed was what did it.
In order to take care of your face, you’ve got to gather your materials, wash, and moisturize every night. It’s like fighting a war, against age and time and brow droops and marionette lines. It’s like making peace with your body, detoxing the grease and grime within your pores. It’s complicatedly simple, but only one rule rules them all: No slip-ups allowed.
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Antibacterials used too often leads to resistance, and the last thing you want to be doing is rubbing drug-resistant bacteria all over your face. Squirt a generous amount of soap on your hands. Rub. Rub again. Rub until there’s a mountain of foam, then sing the happy-birthday song. That’s right. The happy birthday song, whose timing allows for the soap to do its job and get rid of all the bacteria. Then, turn the tap on to lukewarm. Not hot. Don’t want to burn your face. Not cold, either, because cold water will close the pores you’re eventually going to scrub. Rinse the bubbles away, then find your facial cleanser. Squirt a dime-sized amount. Any bigger, and you run the risk of irritation again. Rub. Rub again. Rub until there’s a mountain of foam, then put your hands on your face and rub some more. This is the first march on your face, and you better familiarize yourself and cover every territory, including the hard-to-reach-undersides like the back of your ears and the back of your neck. If your arms hurt from reaching, do not relent. March on. Once you’re done rubbing, it’s time to start rinsing. Cup the lukewarm water in your hands and attack the foam. Only skin left alive. Washing done.
No slip-ups allowed.

The Charge of Moisture
Moisture comes in several steps, mainly because it’s vital to skin success. First, locate the clay mask. Now that the pores have been
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