Fingerprint Recognition is One of the Oldest and Most Researched Fields of Biometrics

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Fingerprint recognition is one of the oldest and most Researched fields of biometrics. Biometrics is the automated use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to determine or verify identity data derived from direct measurement of a part of the human body. In areas of business, the identities of personnel and employees needs to be verified .This is required for attendance .Thus there is restriction on the access to computers for unauthorized users since there are no shared or compromised passwords between the employees. Hundred of years back, fingerprints were used in the forensics and crime branch investigations with the help of automatic fingerprint identification systems. A fingerprint is a distinctive or identifying mark …show more content…

This kind of minutiae-based fingerprint recognition systems consists of two steps, i.e., minutiae extraction and minutiae matching. In the minutiae matching process, the minutiae feature of a given fingerprint is compared with the minutiae template, and the matched minutiae will be found out. If the matching score exceeds a predefined threshold, the two fingerprints can be regarded as belonging to a same finger.Such algorithms are the common ways to utilize the minutiae template for fingerprint recognition. In various works, the authors have often showed that these kinds of methods cannot provide enough distinguishing abilities for large-scale fingerprint identification tasks hence the need for edge detection arises.In our study we have tried to integrate the edge detection technique with this minutia based method and tried to improve on the verification results of these algorithms. Edge Detection is used to curtail the patterns found in a fingerprint image so that weget only the most important information. Therefore the edge detected from its original image contains major information which requires less amount of memory to store. Whenever there isspectacular and evident change of pixels in the binaryimage for example, from grey to white, we say an edge is present. Edge detection is a non trivial task because it is often very difficult to establish if the change in intensity between the adjacent pixels is sufficient enough to be considered as an edge or not, hence

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