Fireflies Research Paper

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There are two reasons that the fireflies glow. One is because of the courtship. The male fireflies are looking for the female companions. Another reason is that they are protecting themselves from the attack of other creatures. The two reasons that are the evolutionary advantages for the fireflies are because they can generate their descendants and also protect themselves.
In the transcription, LUC gene in DNA would be the template to let RNA polymerase to make a copy of it. Then the process would make the mRNA which contains the copy of LUC gene.
The mRNA will first go to the cytoplasm and attach with ribosome. The ribosome will help mRNA to produce the chain of amino acids, which will produce the final product- luciferase enzyme. To produce
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The doctors could tell if the cells keep mutating or they stop, and they could see if the cancer cells spread out to the other parts of the body.
The evolution of luciferase begins with the LUC gene. mRNA would copy the LUC gene in DNA and later go to the cytoplasm to do transcription to form the luciferase. The reason that this enzyme evolved many times in many organisms is because luciferase could be connected with the other proteins to track where they are going. Moreover, there are many organisms that would glow. Luciferase is an important enzyme that would help the organisms glow. Because the sequence of the amino acid chain is different, and different luciferase enzyme would be produced. On this occasion, there would be different color of the light.
This is the genetic mutation happening during the translation.When there is one amino acid been changed, it would turn into another color. This change causes the outcome it does because the sequence of the amino acid chains would affect the color of the light. Although the function of them is the same, but each of them would have different characteristics. For example, we all have eyes, face, nose……. although we can tell the functions of them and recognize them easily, however, we all have different color of eyes and hair, and this is because the sequence of our gene is different. Therefore, even only one amino acid is changed, the result would be totally
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