Fishbein Theory Of Consumer Behaviour

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Shwu lng Wu ( 2003) in his study “The relationship between consumer characteristics and attitude toward online shopping” examined the internet users concerns and understandings of online shopping. He measured the attitude of internet users about online shopping with the help of fishbein model. Study showed that consumer attitudes can be measured by fishbein model and examined that consumer characteristics are the main factors that influences the consumer attitudes and online shopping behavior. All the consumer benefit perception factors positively influences consumer attitudes towards online shopping. ( Page 41). Shwu Ing Wu says that marketers must adopt new strategies to get the benefits of online shopping, convenience, more information, effectiveness and modern, freedom of choice of products and frame the excellent home page to attract consumers to buy goods and services. Fishbein model was framed so that consumers attitudes towards some objects can be derived from consumers beliefs and feelings about the different attitudes about the object. Fishnein model is also known…show more content…
TRA is used to predict how individuals will behave based on their pre-existing attitudes and behavioral intentions. An individual's decision to engage in a particular behavior is based on the outcomes the individual expects will come as a result of performing the behavior.”

Fishbein's attitude model can be expressed in equation form as (Fishbein, 1967a.
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