Fitness For Life : Physical And Emotional Wellness

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When I looked at my schedule I was surprised when a saw I had a gym class on it. Then I realized that my first ever college lecture was Fitness for Life, bright and early on monday morning. But I did not understand that it was so much more than a gym class. Fitness for Life helps students gain a better understanding of overall wellness and physical activity, while balancing life expectations. Fitness for Life helped me be a healthier person. Wellness is more than the absence of illness. It is a constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well being. My personal wellness pie chart right now is extremely unbalanced. My physical and emotional wellness are the only thing that are equal. The larger two wellness aspects are social and intellectual. They tend to be larger because I am constantly with my friends and working on homework. After making my pie chart I realized how low or small my spiritual wellness was. I want that my spiritual life to be a bigger part in my life. In my personal wellness balance chart goals all of my different types of illnesses are equal. I want my life to be balanced in every aspect of wellness. I know most of the time my life is not balanced, but balance is what I want to strive for. Doing these pie charts made me think about what wellness aspects I need to focus more on to have a balanced life. Good risk management of the wellness components require knowledge of their natures an intentional making of

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