Fitness: What Are The Components Of Fitness?

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What is fitness? What are the components of fitness? These questions come to mind for a hundred of people who want to become fit. According to ordinary people, fitness is the state of having a good-looking and being flexible. But, Oxford dictionary defines it as The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. However, fitness has various components, which improves the body such as, cardiorespiratory system, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.

The first components, the Cardiorespiratory system is pertaining to the heart and lung functions to the body. It defines as the ability of the cardiac system to provide oxygen to the working muscles. This includes the ability of the lungs to take the greatest amount of oxygen, and the ability of the heart and circulatory system to pump and transfer the largest amount of oxygen-laden blood to the working muscles so(that) oxygen can be extracted there.
What kind of activity does Cardiorespiratory fitness have?
The activity should be an aerobic exercise, for oxygen is used as a source of energy for the muscles. According to …show more content…

Moreover, there are special types of exercise that improves the flexibility: Dynamic exercise, the ability to perform movements for the full term of the joint dynamically, and it works by performing a certain situation which similar to the static flexibility but with the continuation of the performance of kinetic movements in the direction of increasing the extent of the contraction of the muscles core. Static-active exercise, maintaining the body status in a steady position for a period. Ballistic exercise, this type happen when the body is warmed up to move beyond its normal range it might be dangerous if the muscle is not prepared to

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