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Running a food truck business is very import when it comes to creating and maintaining customer relationships. At Gryphon’s Greens, we plan to do several things in order to gain a competitive advantage over our competitors. To begin with, we plan to use a bait and hook method by offering a free drink with the purchase of a food item. We plan to use this method because we will still be generating a profit from the sale of the food item. Although we will have to absorb the costs of the free drinks, we will be purchasing the drinks in bulk which will substantially decrease the costs of each free drink that we hand out. This method will help increase our revenue due to the increase in customers that …show more content…

Once the rewards card has ten initials, the customer will receive a coupon for a free combo that will have an expiry date of one year. Not only we will have a points card but we will have an app that will also have a points card system. The reason why we also want to offer the points card on an app is to allow our customers who prefer to use their phone than to carry around multiple cards in their wallet. Another way that we plan to retain our customers is to offer a personalized experience to each of our customers. At Gryphon’s Greens, we believe that every customer is important and in order for our customers to realize that, we will offer a unique experience. Every time a customer orders an item at our food truck, we will write their name on the wrapper of the food and there will be a short message on the wrapper that regards to nutrition. For example, the message could use words like “Organic” to help our customers realize that serving healthy food is a very important aspect to our business plan. By offering a unique experience for each of our customers, we believe that this will give us a competitive advantage and will build long …show more content…

We will be catering to the needs of University of Guelph students as well as the faculty. Instead of accommodating the mass market, we want to focus on the niche market by serving the surrounding community around the University of Guelph. Last but not least, our final customer segment are health conscious people as well as organic food lovers. Our customers will have a few jobs to do when doing business with us as they will have to first find the location of our food truck. Once they find the location of the truck, they will have to make choices in regards to choosing what they want to order. Finally, the last job that our customers will have to do is to wait for their food to be made which could pose a problem as it could sometimes be raining or be extremely windy outside. We will have several gains for our customers as we will have quick service in order to prevent long lineups and frustrated customers. This is very important aspect that we have to get right because if customers are waiting a long time for their food, many will not return causing our company to lose future business. At Gryphon’s Greens, we will have many options for our customers to choose from that will range from burritos to grilled cheese. We want to make sure there are enough options in order accommodate everyone’s needs because we do not want customers complaining that there are not enough options to

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