Framework For Defining The Company Essay

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Framework for defining the company Tradition in the sector, is fully managed by a familiar set inherited from generation to generation . Thus, it is possible to mix the different knowledge towards pursue excellence for our customers. 1.1 Mission, vision and values involved 1.1 Mission The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. Therefore, we offer an ideal, pleasant and personalized to achieve our objective environment. 1.2. Our vision To be recognized worldwide for visitors who come to our cafeteria. Our reputation is fabulous and offer adequate service to all visitors whether, residents or tourists passing by. Our purpose is to provide a personalized service , creating maximum satisfaction both customers and employees of the cafeteria. 1.3 Our values Another of the important aspects for us are the values we work: We are professionals adequately prepared to provide the best service. We have an ethical attitude suitable for the work we do . We are creative and innovative . We are 100% aware with the need to protect the environment and contribute from our cafeteria in this work. Analysis of the cafeteria 2.1. External analysis The service sector represents one of the main indicators of the global economy. In fact, there are countless companies involved in this sector that moves millions around the world. Our cafeteria responds to the need to provide a service of the highest quality, speed and the best price possible market for visitor. So much so, that

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