Francois Roy's Diversity Plan for People's Bank for Quebec

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The Human Rights Committee had approved of her intentions and Francois now has to draft a workforce diversity action plan. The plan that she drafted follows five stages each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. The essay will explore each of these in turn.
Francois' Plan
Stage 1
Set Rules and Practices which promote Diversity
This first phase involved designing and implementing a global equity policy as well as designing and implementing an anti-harassment policy which protects members of diversity groups.
Francois also intended to design and implement a staffing policy and train managers on the requirement of the Employment Equity Act. This is one of the most important characteristics since minorities are particularly sensitive to discrimination and harassment (Cox, 1994). A workplace that practices and demonstrates equal rights treatment will gain a reputation for being fair and honest and will have greater chance of attracting a diverse workforce than one that is not.
Finally, Francois intended to implement a reward program that would provide incentives to managers to adopt the system. Firstly, Francois is correct in aiming for greater diversity. Drawing on consistent research,(Shen et al., 2009),…

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