Franklin D Roosevelt Argumentative Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States and ended up serving 12 years from 1933 until his death in 1945. He was born on January 30, 1882 in the state of New York as the only child of the marriage between James Roosevelt, 54, and Sara Delano Roosevelt, 22 (Pearce, 2). His mother was extremely protective of her only child, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt received no formal education until he was age 14 (Pearce, 6) when he attended the Groton School (Pearce, 15), which was a boarding school for boys of well-off families who were being set up to go off to elite colleges such as Harvard, where Franklin Delano Roosevelt would ultimately attend college (Pearce, 38). In college, he showed an initiative which would eventually…show more content…
His fifth cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, was the president of the United States while Roosevelt was in Harvard and was a major hero of Franklin. Franklin Delano would eventually marry Theodore’s niece, Eleanor, who was walked down the aisle by Theodore (Pearce, 55). Roosevelt would also briefly attend Columbia University law school and go on to be a lawyer, a career which did not particularly interest nor appeal to him (Franklin D. Roosevelt: Life before the Presidency). He would enter politics as a Democrat in New York, but as a state senator, he often went against the Democratic establishment of Tammany Hall and pushed for Progressive reforms. He would continue in New York politics, and when the Great Depression struck in 1929, Roosevelt was the governor of New York. (Franklin D. Roosevelt: Life Before the Presidency). He would first try to help New York through the crisis before moving to try and help the nation by going against Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover in the election of 1932. Although Roosevelt won all four elections against all four Republican candidates he ran against, this election was most likely one of the easiest, as Herbert Hoover was extremely unpopular; Roosevelt won the Electoral College 472:59 and the popular vote
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