GB580 Unit 6 Assignment Essay

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Personal Leadership/Ethics Statement Strategic Management GB580: Unit 6 Professor Stephen Griffith Kaplan University 07/29/2014 Personal Leadership/Ethics Statement Leadership is a gift that not everyone has or desires to obtain. It is often times an instinctive quality that relies on ones ethics and morals. Leadership is a quality that many aspire to have, but few really grasp its true principles. It is not easily defined or looked at one faceted in regards to definition. However, leadership is encompassing of a multifaceted assortment of characteristics. A notable leader will retain traits like guidance, trustworthiness, fantastic listening…show more content…
Some weaknesses in regards to leaders with an ENTJ personality could be observed as arrogant, stubborn, or even lack empathy. When looking at what makes up who I am, my personality speaks volumes and is a direct correlation with my leadership style. It is a definite match in regards to my ethical decision-making; it will be subjective to my ENTJ traits. Waiting in this instance is not something my ENTJ personality would be fond of. I’d rather take a fast and to the point approach in dealing with any ethical decisions and issues. As a leader I tend to lead towards a common directive and goal. When deciding which route to take I come at them through life experiences, values & morals, legal policies, and the code of conduct for my given profession. When making decisions emotion and sympathy have no place in my rational ethical decision making. All information needs to be collected and evaluated with integrity. Encouraging self-empowerment, proficiency, and personal growth help define what makes my leadership style successful. My life experiences are quite eclectic and help to motivate me on a personal as well as professional level. Some of the ideas that resonate with me the most are integrity, honesty, loyalty, and perseverance. Being an effective leader in a diverse atmosphere in regards to culture, race, age, and disabilities can help to distinguish worthy leadership skills. “Power distance is defined as the extent

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