GYN Survivorship Reflection

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I've been in my supervisor role for almost a year and my goal remains the same to make patients my first priority, aligning myself and my team with the goal of Access Operations by ensuring there is an ease of access for patients. I have successfully completed the core classes for “Foundations of Supervision”. As a new supervisor, there has been new responsibilities that I've had to learn quickly, ensuring that my actions and words strongly support the vision of Access Operations “Creating Caring Connections from First Contact”. I've made great progress and effort with balancing the competing demand of my time between two centers, as well as being attentive, visible and available for my staff. I've remain respectful and transparent in my communication …show more content…

I successfully manage all timekeeping for my staff, as well as ensuring they have a clear understanding of the Institution and Access Operations expectations for time and attendance. I have created a new patient access checklist to assist with orientation of new team members within the center. To enhance our patients’ experience monthly call monitoring is performed and feedback is given to staff. In identifying customer service areas needed for improvement, staff has been successful with improving contacting patients within four hours, reduce the call abandonment rate, and increase the number of patients given same day/next day appointments. My plan for the upcoming year is to become a better leader by focusing on being better organized and prepared, improve on meeting deadlines and communication. To enhance the collaborative partnership with clinical teams and ensure the ongoing success of Ambulatory Access Operations. I will continue to handle changes and support my staff and

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