Garrison Leadership In The Military Essay

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Over the past decade, the Army has adapted to overcome the challenges of extended conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. These largely successful adaptations were vast and complex. Modularity, doctrine updates, combat system developments, and the increased autonomy of junior leaders are only a small slice of the Army's evolution. Combat leadership versus Garrison Leadership both can be stressful at times, but Combat Leadership is the most stressful in my opinion.
The importance of garrison proficiencies during eras of peace cannot be overstated. Now is a critical time for developing the basics in training, leader development, and readiness.
The Army must revisit the core competencies of our military craft and refocus leaders on the fundamentals of managing human and capital resources. Rejuvenating maintenance programs, optimizing resources and allocations, and developing leadership fundamentals are essential to the Army's success in garrison and our nation's future conflicts.
Before 9/11, unit maintenance programs were the heart of the operational Army and the essential battlefield tenants of shoot, move, and communicate. Training exercises started and ended with a strict maintenance focus. Every maintenance function or process was treated as a training opportunity, and junior leaders in the late 1990s truly understood and prioritized the importance …show more content…

Soldiers scrambled around the vehicle, methodically executing each preventive maintenance check as noncommissioned officers barked out the checklist and supervised. Each week consisted of a preplanned maintenance focus and class. If the week's focus was battery boxes, for example, the motor sergeant would ensure command maintenance started with a detailed instruction session that specifically targeted battery installation, cleanliness standards, and key indicators of system

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