Gatorade Essay

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Gatorade has made its significant impact in the mass market, but they want to expand and solely focus on the sports nutrition market. Gatorade has dominance in the sports drink market and with consumers they weren’t specifically targeting such as a couch potato drinking it for regular consumption. The brand decided to re-image itself by changing the logo with the word Gatorade and a lightning bolt to a G with a lightning bolt. This changing took place in 2009. They did this rebranding because of the one percent decrease in sales volume. Changing the logo hurt the company even more because people did not recognize the brand causing for a 13 percent decrease. PepsiCo failed with rebranding Tropicana as well and went back to the original. They decided to stick with the new brand image of Gatorade.

In 2011, the G Series was launched. The G Series includes a drink before exercising, a drink …show more content…

According to AOL Business Finance article, Gatorade says that it's too early to track the G Series commercial impact on sales. There has been indications that the commercial is helping consumers understand the brand's new message what the "G" is all about. After learning of Gatorade’s issue I too believe the G Series wasn’t suited for the appropriate audience. It will be difficult for Gatorade to reach the sports nutrition market of all ages. The “G” logo with the 13 to 17 year old competitive athlete’s regeneration with the term “sport” is rising. Gatorade will have to further explain to consumers what the series is about and how to use the products. Therefore, it will be difficult for Gatorade to really break into the true sports ‘nutrition’ market anytime soon. The appropriate ICM tools used more effectively for educating consumers will help Gatorade significantly while trying to become a dominate player in the sports nutrition

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