Gender Inequality: Can We Change Something so Engrained

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When it comes to the topic of social problems, most of us will readily agree that the United States has its fair share of issues. Where this agreement usually ends, however, surrounds the question of where these problems originate. Whereas some are convinced that it is an individual’s problem, others maintain that it is the system-based issue (Eitzen et al., 12). Through the use of Social Problems by D. Stanley Eitzen et al. throughout this course, the authors discuss the causes and solutions of social problems such as the inequality towards sexual orientation, gender, race and poverty, from a systemic perspective. Although I agree with the author’s systemic view on those issues, I cannot fully accept putting blame solely on our social…show more content…
These rallies worked because today the acceptance of same-sex couples has grown dramatically. Television now features homosexual relationships and supportive organizations have gained a huge following. I think that protests and rallies are really the only option when trying to get your voice heard. There is only so much the common folk can do to influence the people in power. Some may mistake people who are against gays for being homophobic, the fear and loathing of homosexuals. In retrospect, some definitely are, but because the social system is dominated by religion, I don’t believe everyone is. To be homophobic in my opinion, is an individual’s decision. An individual has to choose whether or not to loath someone to the point where he or she is comfortable belittling and denying a person of his or her basic rights, like a job or housing, because of whom he or she is. Granted, our social system is a huge factor in the discrimination against homosexuals, but the individual can always go against the system. For example, people who don’t approve of homosexuality don’t have to bash them every chance they get, but instead keep their opinions to themselves. Similarly, people can choose to support gays or not participate in anti-gay activities, even though it may go against their religion. Although this may
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