Gender Inequality Essay

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Gender Inequality In The Home Remains An Issue In Family Life.

Gender inqualities often stem from social structures that have instiutionalized conceptions of gender differences.
Gender inequality has been around for centuries. In many family homes, their lives evolve around gender roles. The responibilties in the family are allocated to their sex (gender). There are certain tasks which are usually allocated to males and females. Some see this division as biologolical differences between the sexes and others see it happening in cultural backgrounds.
There are sociological theories that have tended to see gender roles as natural and inevitable. Talcott Parsons, suggested that within the modern nuclear family it was essential that one
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For the females of today we can pretty much do anything we like, join the army, be a prime misiter, run a company or be a stay at home mum.
As the new century, today, we see a greatly altered family landscape in which dual-income and single parents families outnumber the ascendant two-parent, one-earner in the household. There is more single parent families nowadays. So they would be taking on the roles as the breadwinner and home maker. But its not just women doing this, there is a lot of men as single parents and broken families that have to take on these roles. So a lot has changed over the years. And there is more and more working parents. Gender role and inquality is not just geared towards women but also men. As much as women face inqualities, ther are many aspects about the world that’s is unfair towards men. The question remains, “will men and women ever be found equal?” My answer, no. Men and women are simply too different to be considered be treated the same. Yes, I do believe that men and women should be paid the same, and given equal and all opportunity, but as far as the biological sense goes men and women have two completely different biological makeup. It is scientifically true that women are more nurturing whereas men are found to be much more competitive and aggressive. That is not to say that those traits can not be mixed upon the two genders, but there is still too much that keeps
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