Gender Inequality in Europe

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(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)
Despite what has been said, nothing much has been done. From home to office, European women are still suffering from gender discrimination. The problem is not just some recent issue, but it has a long history, dated back to the 19 century. For example, in UK, a European country, there is the political oratory about Britain 's conventions of 'liberty ' and 'tolerance ', but the UK actually has a long history of inequality and discrimination on grounds of age, race, religion, disability, and specially gender, sexual orientation (Thane, 2010). 4.2. Natural Differences:
The natural differences between the sexes based on biological and structural factors, remarkably in reproductive roles. Biological differences include chromosomes, brain structure and hormonal differences (Wood, 2005). There is also a basic difference in physical strengths on average of the sexes. According to a study done by professor Linda Babcock, shows that men are eight times more likely to demand higher wages, claiming that wage inequality is at least partially a result of innate behavioral differences between the sexes.

4.3. The problem in different places:
In work place, wage discrimination exists when

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