George Ritzer 's The Mcdonaldization Of Society

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George Ritzer discussed the McDonaldization of society in four principles; predictability, calculability, efficiency and control. Ritzer defined the McDonaldization as the process of which fast food principles of McDonald 's influence and dominate other fast food chains. Restaurants have come to imbed themselves into society in every way. The first principle, predictability, is that you will find everything within your predicting capability. For example, the customer in the McDonald 's can predict the food in McDonalds.
You can find little to no differences between a McDonalds menu in New York than to a menu of a Mcdonald 's in Ohio. This is done so that there can be familiarity no matter what McDonalds you go to, this is one of the …show more content…

They think they are getting more bang for their buck and that they are saving money and are getting more of what they want. In addition to this, one of the biggest reasons people go out to get fast food is because you can get food fast. They compare it to the time it would take them to get food, prepare it and sit down with their family to eat and it seems like it is just easier to get food from a restaurant because it’s faster and takes less time. This often leads to people doing it more often than to cooking at home, which can lead to several problems.
Since McDonald 's is a fast food restaurant, they have to make food quickly, which means that employees of McDonald 's value quantity over quality. The more burgers they make, the better, who cares if they don’t make them correctly or don 't cook it all the way through. This is one of the cons of fast food, people don’t want to wait so they have to settle for less than quality food.
The third principle, Efficiency is what everyone of us likes, especially when comes to restaurants. If a restaurant wants to succeed, it has to be efficient. For example, It has to be serving good food and has to be serving it quickly. People these days are busy and like that they can get full quickly by spending a few dollars at a restaurant. Whether it be a family going on a trip and stopping for a rest to a businessman or omen in a rush to meeting

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