Getting Enough Calcium through Food Essay example

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The body’s metabolism relies on minerals such as calcium to function properly. Calcium is not produced in the body directly. Any food eaten is the sole source calcium, which makes up nearly 1.5% of a person’s total body weight. However, despite traditional understanding, calcium is not just found in dairy-related products. A variety of foods also provide calcium to the benefit of the body. Both sources of calcium are detailed below.
Without a doubt, the best food sources of calcium include dairy products. Specifically, well-purchased and well-known items such as milk, cheese, and yogurt provide nearly 100 to 400 mg of calcium per cup of serving. Another popular choice is cottage cheese. One half-cup of low-fat cottage cheese …show more content…

Very few realize, though, that one does not have to only eat daily products to acquire the recommended amounts of calcium. For instance,

Cooking and Storage: 2-4 paragraphs

The relationship between vitamin d and calcium is inextricably linked. Recent research has discovered when calcium intake is too low, “vitamin D [triggers] a process in which stored calcium is mobilized from the bones” (Holick) to help with bone healing and reformation. Vitamin D acts in the body to replenish low amounts of calcium. The skeletal system and the digestive tract “can be tapped when the blood calcium begins to fall…[and]…increase absorption of calcium from food [and] lost in urine” (Sizer 243). In sum, \regular amounts of calcium are essential to good health in the body.
Unlike other minerals, calcium is considered to be a very stable mineral. Processes such as “pasteurization, heating, or drying…does not reduce availability of calcium” (Ensminger and Ensminger 301). The mineral remains intact, regardless whether it is in ice cream, a boiled pudding, or a frozen dairy item. For milk to retain its high calcium makeup, it is best “stirred as it heats to incorporate the calcium salts into the liquid” (Ibid.).
Cooking other calcium-rich food sources also must follow proper guidelines. For instance, vegetables should be cooked by using “small amounts of water, by keeping the sizes of the pieces as large as

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