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Marketing is a vital component for each business—large and small alike. But, when it comes to advertising on a day most of America tunes in to television, its can become costly; maybe $7.5 million dollars worth. This year’s 2013 Super Bowl was the host of a few major television ads. GoDaddy— an online e-commerce for domains, hosting, and emailing—were one of few aired on game-night. Did the 2-round investment of an astounding $3.75 million dollars each tweak their sales or was it a complete miss? Sources have mentioned the ‘Perfect Match’ as one of the most disgusting Super Bowl ads ever produced. Yet, their rhetoric was spot on. They’ve taken what they seem to stand for, complete sexy with Ivy League results, and combined it into a…show more content…
Looking back on the commercial, I did notice something oddly unromantic. Just before and after the kiss, someone was not enjoying their part. A veteran in showcasing as Super Bowl ad aficionado since 2007, track star Bar Refaeli seemed to be very uncomfortable in front of the camera. Jesse Heiman, on the other hand, claimed to feel like he had won the “…championship of men” with the many takes he had to do. Well, what I did find that was a challenge for this ad is the white wording toward the end of the kiss. The kiss seemed to be so powerful, that the wording was not even noticed. It took until after my third viewing of the ad to even notice there was wording there; not to mention, I did not read it because it was so out of place. Television advertisements are vital tools for companies. So, going the extra yard and producing such creativity just to present for one night of the year is crucial for these companies involved. They reach audiences much faster than any other source. It’s shown that the viewership this night was 108.41 million. When all else fails, details are important: ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion), and logos (logic) are all parts of what makes an advertisement an influential marketing tool. ‘Perfect Match’ has touched each and every aspect with ease. It’s clear that GoDaddy has presented emotion. Even one week after the Super Bowl, YouTube views on this ad alone have
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