Global Perspective Assessment Essay

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Global Perspectives Assessment Chiquita King University of Phoenix CJA/484: Criminal Justice Administration Capstone Leon Kutzke October 31, 2011 Global Perspective ”Global crime is intertwined with revolutionary technological, financial, communications, economic, cultural, and political changes that characterize globalization, and it is increasingly difficult to separate criminal activities from legitimate global transactions. As national boundaries become more absorbent and as different legal and political systems are more integrated, uncertainties about the legality of various activities abound. What some countries regard as serious problems are often viewed as lower priorities for others. Furthermore,…show more content…
Like other global crimes we have discussed, it is impossible to determine the exact value of pirated software. However, it is estimated that the global market for pirated computer software is around $30 billion. This crime is concentrated in Western countries, where computer technologies are most prevalent. China, with its rapid industrialization and technological growth, is also involved to a significant degree in software piracy. The estimated market for software piracy in the United States is twice as large as the market in China. The global expansion of the Internet, the widespread use of credit cards, and the growth of electronic banking combine to facilitate a wide array of fraudulent activities. From Mattoon, a small town in central Illinois, Clyde Hood ran an investment scam that brought in roughly $12.5 million from people worldwide by promising that each dollar invested would generate $50 in profit. The Nigerian scam is one of the most common cyberspace crimes and one of the most persistent. A Nigerian sends an e-mail asking prospective victims to assist him or her to transfer millions of recently acquired dollars out of Nigeria in exchange for a substantial part of the money. Prospective victims are instructed to deposit their own money into a specified bank account to demonstrate their honesty and willingness to cooperate. If these
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