Global Warming Is Dangerous Than Our Society

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Many people of our generation are unaware of the deterioration of the atmosphere because they believe that global climate is a hoax. The world we live in today the Earth’s atmosphere is extremely important to human, animal, and plant life on the planet. There are numerous scientists that agree that climate change is due to global warming. Global warming is more dangerous than our society believes it is. The problem is that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere cause the planet to increase in temperature. A prevalent air pollutant that is a greenhouse gas is smog. Smog impacts the atmosphere by it creates a fog or haze combined with smoke that exterminate off plant and human life. Human life is heading on a path leaning towards obliteration…show more content…
Before the infrared radiation can start to reach outer space, greenhouse gases absorb some of the radiation, keeping the planet warm. There is a limit on the consumption of greenhouse gas, too much can lead to the planet to increase in temperature to an extent where it can damage human, animal, and plant life. Another type of air pollution that is prevalent today is smog. This is also another greenhouse gas. According to the EPA, “The term smog was first coined during the 1950s when it was used to describe a mixture of smoke and fog experienced in London. Major cities along the west coast of America were also experiencing a different type of air pollution. Smog occurs when emissions from industry, motor vehicles, incinerators, open burning and other sources accumulate under certain climatic conditions” ("What Is Smog?"). Smog is seen all across the world and the EPA stated, “There are two types of smog: summer (the type of smog first experienced in America) and winter (the one first noticed in London)” ("What Is Smog?"). The evolving problem with smog is affecting human and plant life. Humans experience many harmful impacts from smog pollution. Including respiratory illnesses such as coughing, asthma attacks, and throat irritation. Also there could be damage to the lungs, making it difficult to breathe, causing lung conditions for example bronchitis, and emphysema. Another way smog can be harmful is that it causes
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