Globalisation And Globalization

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Globalization has a massive effect in shaping local cultures since its origin in the late 15th century following the integration of markets between Europe and the Americas. Globalization is a relatively new term that was coined in the 1990’s even though some historians argue that its origins go back to the beginning of mankind. Since then, globalization has become a phenomenon that has impacted every sector of the world. In result, globalization assumes a role in destroying local culture through the dominance of powerful nation-states, influx of foreign made goods and the negative reactions from inhabitants of local cultures. Only the large and powerful countries will have a strong effect on other nations, while the smaller local cultures in these nations will be overpowered by their dominancy. Countries with money and power will have the most influence on the traditional cultures in developing nations. The leading economies and cultures of powerful nations were the foundations of the world market and now form an interconnected “global village”. Nowadays, globalization is termed synonymous with Westernization. In “The Drawbacks of Cultural Globalization”, Wole Akande states, “Western culture fuels globalization today and, as it did during the age of imperialism and colonization, helps to reinforce the hegemony of the West. Information technology, as the driving force of economic globalization, has also become a veritable instrument for propagating Western culture.” San

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