Globalization and Industrial Relation: Quite Entry of Labour Standard

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To understand the range of Industrial Relation challenge that employers and their organizations are likely to face in Asia and pacific during the next decade, it is necessary to appreciate the current as well as historical factors which have shaped and are sharpening such relations in the region. The early ministerial of WTO invariably found the west demanding core labour standards be brought under the ambit of trade negotiations. It is tempting to see this as a victory for India since this country had led the opposition to linking labour standards to trade negotiations.
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Over the last decades, the buyers have laid down the laws regarding the standards that are acceptable and while they were at it they have laid down some environmental standards as well. The buyers typically insert on a global standard market the SA 8000 that have both labour and environmental norms.

Involuntary entry of labour standards in India

Historical perspective

Indian industries practice the Industrial Relation and labour standards as per the requirement of the state and the Central Government. Accordingly, the skills set of employees in the Indian market was as per the industrial set of the domestic market. Industrial Relation and labour standards are shaped by the political, economic and cultural context in each country and are reflected in their particular policies, legal and institutional framework and relationship between Government and social partners. The quiet, but extremely effective, implementations of the link between the labour standards and trade in the world market has several implications for the local economy.

As these core standards include minimum wages, a clean working environment, monitoring of supervisor behavior and setting up of committees to address workers grievances etc.

Impact on Unions

The internationalization of labour standards has also divided into international trade union movement. Indian trade unionists have been willing
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