Goals Setting And Evaluation, Goals And Monitoring For Last Strategic Outcome Monitoring

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According to Zimmerman to be college successful you need to apply this four steps, “self-observation and evaluation, goal setting and monitoring, strategic implications and monitoring for last strategic outcome monitoring.”(17-27)Each step has a different process that will help you be college successful. Self- observation and evaluation is when you are honest to yourself in how you learn the best and the ways you can become better. You need to be aware of your behavior in order to make changes. “Observation” is when you know that you are not learning in a certain way and realize you need to do some changes. You will observe how you learn the best. “Evaluation”, is when you record your prior performances to know how you are improving in time. Goal setting and monitoring: strategic planning is when you know what needs to be done in an assignment. After you have completed the first step self- observation and evaluation this task should be easier. Now you know the way you learn the best you should be able to apply this to carry out your goals. Strategic implementation and monitoring is when you focus in the effectiveness of your first strategy. You ask yourself if your first strategy is working. If not you need to come up with a new strategy until you find the correct one. Strategic outcome monitoring is the process where you basically keep asking yourself if your strategy is working. If it’s only working in one subject you need to come up with another strategy for the
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