Tools For Success At Nova Southeastern University Essay

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Tools for success is a series of workshops that provide students a guide for success in their pursuits. The workshops consist of a variety of helpful tips meant to enhance students learning and push students for their success at nova southeastern university. The workshops were held on various Tuesdays at from 12:10 to 12:50 at the knight auditorium at the Carl DeSantis building. The workshops were set up by the office of undergraduate student success, which offers one on one coaching in areas including study strategies and time management. I attended three out of the nine tools for success. Each of them offered different techniques for students to be successful in that specific area.
The first tools for success workshop I attended was “tips for avoiding plagiarism, which was held on the Tuesday of October 4th. The session was hosted by Eric D. Mason and Kevin Dvorak. The session covered a series of topics, including the definition of plagiarism, how to avoid it, and ways to seek on-campus help. At nova southeastern university, plagiarism is a big deal and this session went over ways to avoid it. On campus help was advocated throughout the workshop. One of the on campus help students can refer to are the writing fellows. The fellows guide students through a series of services. This workshop focused on how the fellows can help students when it comes to correct citations. The writing fellows were trained to be expertise when it comes to plagiarism and the offer a lot of

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