Good Leadership: A Comparison of Two Articles

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Leadership Paper: Comparison of Two Articles Leadership is a very important characteristic in today's society. Many value a good leader, yet a good leader is elusive. While some would point to the current president as the epitome of such an individual, many would disagree. Thus, one asks, repeatedly, what makes a good leader, and only receives mixed answers. But a good leader is someone who can implement a variety of policies while remaining true to the customer, or the citizen, and make profit for the business, or simply sound policies for a nation. The two articles summarized below discuss good leadership with regards to ethics, another very important component in today's society. These articles will be summarized individually, then compared, after which some conclusions will be drawn. The first article to be summarized here, written by Boniface Madu, speaks about some of the responsibilities that leaders must face in an organization. For the purposes of analysis, this article speaks of these responsibilities in an over-arching fashion. For this reason, it refers to certain things such as IT management, or ERP responsibilities, simply as various organizational characteristics that must be undertaken, evaluated, managed, and successfully implemented by leaders. Furthermore, according to this first article, leadership characteristics also involve rewards and encouragement of colleagues' participation. Ethics comes into play at this very juncture. In a collective, and
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