Government Policies On HIV/AIDS, Prevention And Control

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C.A.T 1. Using relevant examples, discuss the government policies on HIV/AIDS, prevention and control (20mks)
Definition of terms
Government policies- These are the course of actions or inactions taken by the state with regard to a particular issue.
HIV- This is the virus that destroys the human immune system leaving the body defenseless hence vulnerable to other infections.
AIDS- The disease presents itself as a collection of signs and symptoms resulting from lowered immunity mostly due to HIV hence referred to as a syndrome.
Prevention- It refers to avoiding or staying away from risky things.
Control- To reduce or prevent the spread of something.
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Forging of safer sexual behaviors through communications strategies on the general population using numerous channels, eg) Counseling, books and media. Use of condoms to encourage practice of safer sex. This is taught in schools, seminars for the youth, churches etc. Abstinence and discouragement of premarital sex especially for the unmarried also prevents the spread of HIV/AIDS. Both married and unmarried couples should abstain from having multiple sexual partners to reduce the risk of contracting the HIV infection. Prevention of HIV infected blood can be greatly be reduced by screening all blood supplies for the virus and by heat-treating blood products where possible. If you are a health worker, always wear protective gloves in situations that involve exposure to blood or other body fluids. Drug users should be provided with a good supply of new or sterilised needles and syringes through needle and syringe exchange programmes. It is one of the main methods grouped under the term ‘ harm reduction’ used to prevent HIV infection from injecting drug use. Methadone maintainance and other drug treatment programmes are also effective ways to eliminate the risk of HIV infection as the need to inject drugs altogether.

CONCLUSION HIV/AIDS is a world pandemic. Although we are making new advances in combating this virus, there are many new infections every year. The best way to keep yourself safe is to stay informed.

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