Government and Nursing Organization Influencing Nursing Education Comparison of Poland and China

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. In 1961, Beijing Second Medical College established a department of nursing to enroll working nurses for further education (Chen, 1996; Yu, Xu & Zhang, 2000).
Government and Nursing Organizations Influencing Nursing Education: Comparison of Poland and China
In Poland, various organizations have influenced the nurse education and training. In 1925, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) accepted the establishment and membership of the Polish Nursing Association of Professional Nurses. ICN membership allowed access to international nursing heritage, the possibility for internal cooperation and comprehensive assistance. In 1926, the Polish government established the first nursing section in the Ministry of Health. This section was responsible for the coordinating nursing education activities in the country. In 1935, the Polish parliament (1935) passed an Act on Nursing which defined nursing practice and the manner, curriculum and duration of nursing education (2.5 years). In 1998, the Ministry of Health appointed expert nursing faculty who developed minimum curricular requirements for 3-year nursing studies based on European standards. In 2000, another experts cooperating of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education completed the strategic plan for nurses’ transformation. And in 2001, the National Accrediting Board for Medical Education in the Ministry of Health was created and tasked to accredit nurse education programs (Sztembis, 2006).


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