Graduation Speech : High School

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Your educational path has been set out for you since before you even were entered into it. First, you were preparing for preschool, preschool prepared you for kindergarten, kindergarten prepared you for elementary school, elementary school prepared you for middle school, middle school prepared you for high school, and high school is supposed to prepare you for college. But, ask the majority of high school seniors right now and they’ll more than likely tell you they’re not feeling very ready for college. High school is known as college preparation, but it is actually nothing like it. High school has teachers who are more worried about standardized test scores than anything else, starts at 8:25 when studies show students shouldn’t even be awake then, sets your 7.5 hour block of classes without breaks, and only gives you a week of vacation at most. Whereas college does just about none of these things.

Every high school student dreads standardized tests. These standards don’t help the kids, but the state officials who want to know where their students’ education is at. Teachers spend too much time trying to teach the kids the standards rather than teaching them useful information that is needed for college. This is detrimental to both the teachers and the students. As a way to solve this problem and make both sides happy, the state could test students every two years. Tests could have standards that are updated every five years. By only having the students take one

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