Graduation Speech : My Biggest Problem

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In the beginning of Comp.1 I had very many worries and I did not know of I was going to be very good at this class. I did not know very many things about grammar and writing because before enrolling in Comp.1 our English classes were almost like study hall classes. At first the class was very hard because I thought it was just going to be an easy class to walk through and I was wrong. In the first two weeks of Comp.1 I felt like I had done more work in that class in the first two weeks than I had ever done in an English class. I knew that I had a lot of weaknesses, but with hard work and just maybe a little luck those weaknesses soon began to turn into strengths. When we had our first big essay to write I did not prepare very well at all for the essay. My biggest problem was I did not have the will to work on it outside of class. Having the paper turned in on time was going to be another problem for me. When I saw what I made on the paper I knew that I had even more weaknesses. My problem was not that I did not use paper rater, but I did not take advantage of the writing center and I did not fix the mistakes that paper rater did not pick up on and the writing center did. At the time I also used very plain sentences, and my intro to the paper was very elementary at the time however, the intro sounded well to me. The essay was full of grammatical errors that I did not fix when I sent in my final copy in to be graded. It was then I realized that the three essays we had make

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