Graduation Speech On The Classroom

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During the past three weeks, I have observed three individual students in my 4th grade classroom. All of the learners in the classroom are very intelligent students; however, three students stand out to me on a daily basis for different reasons. ‘Student A’ receives special education services for her reading and writing skills. She works with a para every day to work on her reading and handwriting skills. ‘Student B’ is a gifted learner and participates in an advanced math program that the 4th and 5th grade classes receive, if they are academically eligible. ‘Student C’ is an average student in the classroom, but struggles on a daily basis due to lack of motivation. He does not receive any services, but is redirected by the cooperating teacher and myself. An appropriate strategy to differentiate instruction for ‘Student A’ is by allowing a para to come into the classroom and having the para work as the student’s scribe. This has actually been tested with the student and the result was a success. “Student A’ is able to verbalize what she wants her writing to include and the para writes these ideas down for her. With the Nebraska State Writing Assessment approaching this week, this method has been decided upon as the method that will help the student to be most successful during the reserved writing days. ‘Student B’ goes beyond what is asked of her and the cooperating teacher is constantly looking for ways to challenge her so she can continue to learn in the classroom.

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