Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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I woke up that morning giddy bursting with excitement. I thought college was this scary monster where no teachers cared to learn your name and you were by yourself, but our first assignment was going on a nature walk, it was like elementary again. As I went to leave I was scared that our class wouldn’t be able to go because it was sprinkling outside and looked like it was going to get worse, despite that I kept my hopes high. As soon as my first class let out I walked as fast as I could to the study area outside of my English classroom and was happy to see my friend Savannah waiting for me at one of the tables. “You excited” I asked. “Do you still think we’re going, I thought it was still raining.” she remarked. “I hope so.” We kept our fingers crossed and then proceeded to discuss our food cravings and other assignments as we waited. When we finally entered the classroom we got settled and waited for the teacher this girl asked me if I could watch her bag. “Of course.” I remarked, she left and I didn’t give it a second thought. When the teacher entered, she took role and then proceeded to explain that we were going to check outside to see if it was still raining and that would determine if we went on the walk or not. As I was packing up my things my friend Savannah reminded me of the girl’s bag, I wondered if I should bring it with me because I didn’t want someone to steal it. My gut said yes and I picked it up and we started walking up the steps to the office. On our…
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