Greek Life: The Insider Story Essay

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Have you ever seen the television series Greek? It is full of sex, drugs, and alcohol; the three main elements that make up a typical frat boy or sorority girl’s life. Students involved in Greek life are always throwing wild parties and drinking until they pass out, getting involved in the drama of who slept with whose boyfriend, sending their pledges on crazy tasks in the middle of the night, and never seeming to take any responsibility. However, there is only one thing missing from this hit series; the truth. Greek life is not how it appears on television, my sorority embodies much more than that. Tri Sigma establishes meaningful friendships, builds character, and promotes community involvement. Some people will argue that in joining a …show more content…

They had been each other’s bridesmaids, attended each other’s children’s birthdays, and were going out just that very weekend. The bonds in Sigma run even deeper than simple friendship. A few of our sisters have faced some hardships in their past. We have girls who grew up in unstable households, faced eating disorders, faced other hardships that are not necessary to specify, and who have grown up as only children lacking a special sibling bond. Sigma has given them that family like feeling they missed or a support system they really need. Many of these women I would have never gotten the chance to meet if it were not for Sigma. I have not only met many wonderful woman by pledging Tri Sigma, but also many other Greeks as well. Tri-Sigma has given me a chance to create some strong, long-lasting friendships. One of Sigma’s values is upholding standards and producing women of character. When seeking out potential new members we do not base our selections on looks and appearance, we consider character, leadership qualities, academics, and ethical conduct. “Sigma Sigma Sigma reaffirms its long standing core values of wisdom, power, faith, hope and love” (Tri Sigma Today). Once initiated, or formally inducted, we strive to uphold these standards as sisters. In general, the required GPA to pledge a Greek organization is 2.0, but we hold ours to a firm 2.5 GPA. Sisters already initiated are expected to maintain this

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