Group Decision-Making, Leadership, Influence and Power: Illustrations from the Film “12 Angry Men”

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Group Decision-Making, Leadership, Influence and Power: Illustrations from the Film “12 Angry Men”

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April 20, 2012

Victor Rosochalsky

“The cognitive evaluation theory is contradictory to reinforcement and expectancy theories”

There are three motivation theories that will help increase an individual’s motivation to perform better at certain tasks. The three theories of motivation are the Expectancy theory, the Reinforcement theory and the Cognitive Evaluation theory. Although that each of these theories has different techniques of motivation they are not contradictory to one another. Looking at the each of theories from my life experiences
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If the group gets a good mark the next time that student is working with a group they will believe that they don’t need to put in an effort and still will receive a good mark. In this situation it is reinforced that the outcome will be a good mark. This theory however does not take into consideration that the student may want to do the work because they may want to learn. The expectancy theory would prove that in college my efforts that I put into my schoolwork will help me achieve a passing grade, that grade will get me a diploma and that the diploma will help me get a good job after college. If i believe studying hard an participating in class will get me a good grade then I will behave that way. Being a college student you have to believe that getting good grades will help you in the long-run to get a better job in the future. Without believing this I wont be motivated to put in the extra effort for better marks.

Looking at the above examples of my own life experiences I do not agree that the cognitive evaluation theory contradicts the expectancy and the reinforcement theory. These examples all have a similar behaviors they also can be explained by other theories. None of theories is completely straightforward because of their inabilities to predict all behaviors of
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