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Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), AN HRM CASE STUDY (Source: http://ideasthoughts.erruppackal.com/2009/09/hennes-mauritz-hm-an-hrm-casestudy/) This is a case study on H&M, from a Strategic Human Resource Management perspective, based on publicly available details of H&M, which has been analyzed and presented within the context of the perspective. This case study was prepared to meet the requirements of an academic exercise. Contents: INTRODUCTION & COMPANY STRATEGY: HUMAN RESOURCE ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT THE ANALYSIS, HRM’S ROLE IN THE BUSINESS SUCCESS OF H&M Linking People with strategic business needs Rewards Management Performance Management Managing…show more content…
To quote the Head of HR “In order to meet people’s expectations of H&M as an attractive employer, the company develops global guide lines on diversity, equal rights and against discrimination” (AR1 2008, p.34).At H&M, HR activities are guided by a fundamental respect for the individual (AR1 2008). This applies to every aspect from fair wages, working hours and freedom of association to the opportunity for growth and development within the company. This also indicates that the company has specific policies for areas such as Equal opportunity, Managing diversity, Employee development, Health and Safety, among others. • Employee Relations and Voice: H&M has an open door policy granting all employees the right and the opportunity to discuss any work-related issue directly with management (AR1 2008). They also support their employees’ right and ability to organize and to decide who should represent them in the workplace (AR1 2008). H&M has positive experience of open and constructive dialogue with the trade unions and they welcome such relations wherever they operate. They consider such cooperation to be essential if they are to become even better. Examples of
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