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HW1 Field Observation GGGGGGGGG SOCI213 American Public University HHHHHH I am currently on assignment in Thailand. I am the only African American at the Prakan Chai Market in Buriram, Thailand. I am taking an excursion into one of the rural provinces, and the market is one of the centers of activity in the city. Thailand being known as the Land of Smiles is known for its friendly people. My name is Ralpheal Hoyle. I cannot speak Thai. When spoken to I can only return a smile, and I am helpless without my Thai guide. Today is good day to visit the market. It is a Saturday evening. The temperature is not hot but it quite humid. The market is outdoors on a closed center street. There are two main aisles, with…show more content…
The customers operated within the processes of the marketplace. The social world became the market and the agents were buyers and sellers. Social Structure and personality was evident as even in the mist of all the activity, there was order. As taken from the text, “People develop rules and norms that govern almost every aspect of social life.” (Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas, 2011, p. 37) Status was reflected more so in buyer and seller, than in economic worth. There was no distinction as to who was purchasing or what was being purchased. Roles were observed in the exchange of goods. Social networks extended between individuals, families, and the shopping community, as the people moved from stall to stall. As a group process, the power was in the structure of the marketplace, with status being relevant only to the ability to make a purchase. Justice was carried out through the competitive market for prices, with legitimacy being that this is the way the market, buyers, and sellers should operate. Three distinct sets of buyers stood out to me. I will mention the old man, the couple, and the big family. All three were a particular stall that sold insect that could be eaten. The couple was first in line. A male and female both under 25 held hands as they made their purchase. The female was dressed in more western clothing. They were distinct because they were more affectionate towards each
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