Hardware And Marketing Of Apple

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Apple is involved in the process of designing, manufacturing and marketing computers, all mobile communication gadgets and portable music gadgets. It also engages in selling of software and its services. Currently, the company is involved in production of computer components and electronics and in distributing them to the (Apple, Inc., 2012).
Apple’s main focus is on technology. This is simply because technology propels a company to higher levels hence remaining very competitive in the industry. As such, most of its products are mainly based on technological innovations. The main challenge of this industry is therefore continued technological innovations. The time that the product remains very competitive in the market is very short as compared to any other product from other industries. The product stays in the market competitively for less than a year if there is no improvement in technology (Gross, 2012).
Before 2007, the technology of operating a phone through touching the screen had not been introduced, as such Apple changed the industry by coming up with iPhone (Copeland, 2010). Later, after the Japanese company introduced Discman, Apple introduced a new technology of iPods (Bertolucci, 2009). This simply implies that embracing advancement in innovation ensures that a company changes very fast hence, no one can easily predict the next technological breakthrough.
Apple defines itself as an advanced company in terms of technology. The company sets up prices for other

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