Health Care Practices And Its Impact On An Individual 's Health Essay

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Often without being aware of it, individuals can rely on preconceived ideas about others based on how that other person appears or acts. Sometimes these stereotypes and resulting discrimination can extend into other areas of life, such as receiving or delivering health care. Healthcare practices and regard for healthcare employees vary across the different cultures. Patients differ due to various aspects. These differences constitute of patient illness, personality, socioeconomic class or education, however the most endless variation is cultural. Race, religion, language, education, ethnicity and economic status are the essence of culture that has a significant influence on an individual 's health and wellbeing. Skills are crucial for ensuring that nursing care is culturally congruent; knowledge of cultures is important for facilitating communication with people. Nurses must use effective, culturally competent, communication with patients that takes into consideration the individual’s verbal and nonverbal language, cultural values, background and unique healthcare needs and views.

Culture refers to learned values, beliefs, norms and life ways of an individual or group that are passed on and guide their thinking, decisions, actions and different ways of living. Culture consists of many characteristics and helps to construct and shapes the ways of communication, health beliefs, health practices and relationships of people. Culture usually helps to provide

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