High School And College Are Educational Grounds For A Student

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High school and college are educational grounds for a student to enrich their life with knowledge. Having an education is an important aspect of life. It is essential in any work field and provides a person with the tools to achieve self-improvement and success. When transitioning from high school to college can be gratifying but also challenging. High School and college are both forms of education; however, they differ in responsibility, grading standards, and teaching standards.
To begin with, in high school a student is considered a child; parents and teachers are constantly reminding them of their responsibilities. Whenever a student is absent in a class a teacher will inform the student about their missing work and would often provide …show more content…

While in College students have to take responsibility for themselves. A college student is considered an adult and does not need to be treated like a baby. In college students are expected to register themselves and pick the classes that they want and only ask for help when needed. They are held responsible for getting to class on time, doing their own work, and turning the work in on time. If a student is absent they have to get notes that they missed in class from another student. A professor will not provide the student with missing assignments. Parents of college students are not active in their child’s lives. They have no say in what their child is learning, no access to the child’s grades and do not bother to make appointments or associate with the professors. A parent cannot see a student’s grade unless they have written permission from the student. It is not required for a student to attended college; it is an option. In college students have to set priorities and have to manage their time, they do not have their parents or professors pushing them to do better or stay focus they have to do all that om their own they are held accountable for themselves.
Furthermore, grading standards in high school are completely different from college grading standards. Teachers in high school give grades for all of the work that is assigned. Teachers also give a lot of assignments through the school year.

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