Hiring Process

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Human Resource Management Assignment 2.2 Research paper topic Job hiring process When looking for a job it can be confusing and even downright puzzling at times. It is hard trying to apply for a job that you don’t know what the title means or even if you’re qualified for, thus bringing a mountain of frustration and even a sense of anger. Sometimes the hardest part of the whole job searching process is when you have to answer specific questions about yourself to a total stranger who is essentially judging you for the job opening. Lastly, waiting for the results of your interview with either a job offer or not can be nerve racking. This can be an agonizing experience for the applicant, but also a more stressful one for the company and…show more content…
Sometimes companies have to spend money to advertise the job posting so the company must have a specific timeframe on when they are wanting to hire because most sites charge by the month. The posting of the job is the finished product that all job applicants see. What they see is the job description, compensation package, benefits package, and qualifications needed to obtain the job. This is all a finished product from the pre application phase and senior leadership came up with on paper ready for job applicants to look over and see if this is a job they are not only wanting, but qualified as well. This job description may also name the way how they are going to pick the person for the job, such as interviews and when they might be, also when they are expecting to make their choice and how they will notify the person. This stage allows the company to be able to advertise their opening in hopes they will pull from a diverse talent pool of applicants. The last thing the job posting does is tell applicants how to apply. The next step in the application and hiring process is the screening and applications stage. This is where applicants have posted resumes to the job posting or however the company wanted people to apply. Normally a company is looking for one individual to fill the job vacancy. The company may get hundreds of job applicants depending on the job and how well they advertised. It is the HR departments’ jobs to sift through the applications and pull out
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