Hirschhorn () In His Case Study About The Consulting A

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Hirschhorn () in his case study about the consulting a community legal agency raises a number of significant issues that often emerge at the work places. He walks us through the different psychologically traumatic work situations that cause chains of anxiety and social defenses that groups utilize to avoid their tasks and fight anxiety.
In the case study Louise, the leader of the community legal agency, was fighting the external circumstances to ensure the wellbeing of her agency, but at the same time she lost connection with her team that affected her leadership. At some pointed she became invisible for coworkers and lost a great portion of her authority as no one understood what exactly she was doing. She developed a strong boundary,
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At the other hand, the expectations of the team are very high as well. The day to day work with mentally ill clients, referred to our program from psychiatric hospitals, jails and other community agencies, is extremely challenging for the staff. They have to deal with a high level of stress as a part of their daily routine, and operate in very high paced crisis environment. In addition, their job is very regulated and paperwork instance. The billing that goes through the Medi-Cal insurance is arranged the way that program is financed based on the documented daily progress notes. That means that if the notes were not completed the program won’t get paid for the provided services. Often it is very hard for employees to focus and do their paperwork as they have to constantly deal with crisis, and ten take time for the emotional recovery. It’s understandable that team utilizes different forms of social defenses. They often fight new tasks or avoid doing them. Their expectation for me is often to support the team by discharging or not admitting difficult clients. They know that I see their daily struggles with troubled residents and feel lack of support if I don’t discharge these residents right away. There are certain factors that make this situation more complex:
1. The processes in our team are set up the way that majority of the decisions are made by the team. Even though, I can veto some of the decision, team does not
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