Holocaust Observation Report

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There were two exhibits that fascinated and disturbed me. The first one was the concentration camp exhibit, especially the model of how gas chambers worked. The second exhibit that fascinated and disturbed me were the videos of what was done to prisoners who were used as test subjects. The concentration camp exhibit fascinated and disturbed me because of the scale of how things were and how big the gas chambers were and the efficiency of the Nazis. Before going to the museum, I thought the gas chambers were just small chambers built to hold around one person at a time but after seeing the model, it really hit me how big the scale actually was. There were a lot of men, women, and children going into the gas chambers at one time, all of them coming out dead. Then how the Nazis disposed of the bodies, just burning them or throwing them into mass graves if the burning process was too slow. That exhibit really gave me a view into the scale of what the Nazis were really doing and the true horror of …show more content…

Some of these things were that special bridges were constructed above roads because Jews were not allowed to go on roads, and the extent of the experiments conducted on prisoners at concentration camps by Nazi scientists. When I first heard of these experiments I thought that surely they were pretty bad because it was the Nazis, but after watching a few videos and reading signs about the experiments, I learned of the true horrors that the victims were forced to endure by Nazi scientists. I think that a memorial museum like this one is a crucial institution so that people never forget the horrors of the holocaust so it is never repeated and to forever remember the people who suffered a great deal of pain and sorrow during and after the holocaust. After going to this museum, I wonder more about the experiments conducted on prisoners in concentration camps and how concentration camps were constructed and

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